Sheffield Care and Research Centre for Motor Neurone Disorders

The Sheffield Care and Research Centre for Motor Neurone Disorders is based at the Department of Neurology, Royal Hallamshire Hospital which is part of the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in the city of Sheffield. The Centre provides multidisciplinary care to patients with Motor Neurone Disease and related disorders appropriate to the needs and wishes of the individual patients and their family members. The Sheffield Centre provides this service to a large regional population based in the North of England and also facilitates the participation of MND/ALS patients in clinical trials and research. Professor Pamela Shaw leads the Centre and is also Director of the Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience (SITraN) based at the University of Sheffield where she leads a major multidisciplinary programme of research investigating genetic, molecular and neurochemical factors underlying neurodegenerative disorders of the human motor system. Dr Christopher McDermott is the Co-Director of the Sheffield Centre and has a research interest in symptom management and therapy management for MND patients. The Centre’s current clinical research interests include; biomarkers of therapeutic response to disease modifying agents in blood and CSF, the value of cough augmentation devices, diaphragm pacing, evidence based optimal timing and technique for gastrostomy tube insertion, secretion management and neck support measures. Principle Investigators in the centre include: Professor Pamela Shaw, Dr Christopher McDermott, Professor Paul Ince. Professor Mimoun Azzouz, Dr Steve Wharton, Dr Robin Highley, Dr Janine Kirby, Dr Tennore Ramesh, Dr Andrew Grierson, Dr Kurt de Vos, Dr Ke Ning, Dr Guillaume Hautbergue. Organisations: University of Sheffield and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust.

Sheffield Care and Research Centre for Motor Neurone Disorders
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Professor Pamela Shaw, Co-Director: Dr. Christopher McDermott

Principal investigator

Professor Pamela Shaw and Dr. Christopher McDermott

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Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience
385A Glossop Road
S10 2HQ, Sheffield
United Kingdom


+ 44 (0) 114 2222295

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