ENCALS meeting 2023 Barcelona, Spain

11 July 2023

The ENCALS meeting 2023 was hosted in Barcelona, Spain from Wednesday 12 to Friday 14 of July 2023. On Tuesday 11 July there were satellite meetings of all our sponsors and partners.

Local organiser of this meeting is dr. Monica Povedano Panades on behalf of the Bellvitge University Hospital in Barcelona.

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As part of our commitment to promoting knowledge dissemination and accessibility, this year we are glad to offer a series of short video pills with the best content from ENCALS, sponsored by Ferrer. These exclusive video highlights will capture the essence of the congress lectures, allowing you to delve into the most captivating moments and gain insights from renowned experts in the field.

Click here to see the video content created. The website will be updated each morning during the ENCALS meeting.


Click here for the programme of the ENCALS meeting 2023 in Barcelona – including the satellite meeting schedule.



A highlight of the ENCALS Meeting was the debate by 2 key opinion leaders, moderated by the Chair of ENCALS and TRICALS, Prof.van den Berg.

The debate focused on the types of evidence that should be acceptable for a drug to be made available for those with ALS, and was entitled “Early to Market or Definitive Evidence”.

Following extensive discussion, and also taking into account the perspective of those with ALS, the consensus view among ENCALS delegates was that definitive evidence that a drug is effective, is required. Definitive evidence can only be obtained from a properly conducted Phase 3 randomised controlled trial.  This is required to ensure that we are prescribing safe and effective drugs for people with ALS.

While neither ENCALS nor TRICALS members can speak for decisions made by EMA, which is the EU regulatory authority with representation from all EU members, TRICALS will ensure that as new biomarkers and outcome measures are validated, the Executive will seek to work with EMA to ensure that these are incorporated in to the approval process.


The location for the ENCALS meeting in Barcelona is the CCIB. This is convention centre is offers huge spaces and is located near the sea. There are many hotels available nearby. In addition, there is an excellent connection to public transport and the airport.

CCIB – Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona | Barcelona International Convention Centre
Plaça de Willy Brandt, 11-14
08019 Barcelona

Contact information

General ENCALS office
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Contact person:
Danique van der Gaauw (ENCALS Office manager)
E: info@encals.eu

ENCALS Barcelona 2023 – local organising team
Registrations, sponsorship, general meeting information

Contact person:
Maria Unzué (congress & event manager Torres Pardo)
E: m.unzue@torrespardo.com

Accomodation requests or group booking
Contact: Accommodation team ENCALS
E-mail: encals@bnetwork.com
Telf: +34 93 550 03 50



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