ENCALS meeting 2016 Milan, Italy

19 May 2016

The ENCALS meeting in 2016 was held in Milan, Italy, from Thursday 19th to Saturday 21th of May 2016. The meeting was hosted by Prof. Vincenzo Silani and his team. The ENCALS board would like to thank Prof. Silani for the excellent organization of this 14th ENCALS meeting.

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Programme and abstracts ENCALS 2016 Milan

The meeting was held in the beautiful Main Lecture Hall at the University of Milan central campus.
The closing of the conference on Saturday was in the Casa Cardinale Ildefonso Schuster, University of Milan central campus.


Plenary speakers

  • John E. Landers, Ph.D., Prof. of Neurology at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worchester, USA (Genetics)
  • Don W. Cleveland, Ph.D., Prof. of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, and Neurosciences, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, University of California, San Diego, USA (Therapy)
  • Christine Vande Velde, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Neuroscience and Biochemistry, CHUM Research Centre, University of Montreal, Canada (Biology)
  • Merit E. Cudkowicz, MD, MSc, Prof. of Neurology, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA (Clinical)

The Italian conference dinner was hosted in the Casa Cardinale, where participants enjoyed a sunny evening.

Registration fee payment

For questions about payment of the registration fee, invoice or confirmation of payment, please contact the ENCALS office via info@encals.eu

For questions about the Certificate of attendance, please contact Biomedia via elisa.motta@biomedi.net


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