Apply for the Paulo Gontijo Award

27 April 2017

The Paulo Gontijo Institute (PGI) will open the registration for the 9th International Medicine PG Award International. The award aims to recognize and encourage research on ALS/ MND.

The registration period is from May 1st until July 1st. Young researchers of up to 40 years, of any nationality, can compete for the prize. The registration form and regulations are available on the PGI website. Please register at


The author of the winning research will present the work to the scientific community and will receive the prize of US $ 20,000 (twenty thousand dollars) and a gold medal, delivered at the opening of the 28th International Symposium on ALS / MND, to be held in Boston, USA, December 2017. All expenses, including cash value, are fully provided by the Gontijo family. The funds from donations to the IPG are fully reverted to the maintenance of other projects of the Institute.


The PG award is an initiative of the Brazilian Paulo Gontijo Institute (PGI). The jury of the PGI Medicine Award is composed by PGI members ans scientific authorities, both Brazilian and international, involved in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Research (ALS). The award has a partnership with the International Alliance of ALS / MND, MND Association and the European Network for the Cure of ALS – ENCALS and is the only delivered by a Brazilian entity to the international scientific community to research the cause and cure of ALS.

Award winners of the previous years

The winner of the 2016 PG Award was Edor Kabashi, PhD, a researcher at the Institute for Brain and Spinal Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris.

The winner of the 2015 PG Award was Gareth Brian Miles, PhD, University of St Andrews. He won the award for his study: Human iPSC-derived motoneurons harbouring TARDBP or C9ORF72 ALS mutations are dysfunctional despite maintaining viability.

The PGI is proud of the award  winners of the previous years. They have continued their contributions to the research field through important projects in search of the cause and cure of ALS/ MND.

More information on the PG award.