Apply for the ENCALS Young Investigator Award 2018

23 February 2018

The ENCALS Award Committee has invited applicants to the 2018 ENCALS Young Investigator Award.


The competition was open to researchers aged 35 or younger on 1 September 2018, or who will be within 8 years of having been awarded their PhD if a basic scientist, or still in training (Resident or Fellow) if a medical graduate. To allow for career breaks, if there has been a career gap for any reason, those years are not counted and the age and time limitations can be adjusted accordingly. The work presented by the applicant must relate to work at a university or ALS Centre in Europe, Turkey or Israel. Applicants should be registered for the ENCALS meeting in Oxford and should also have submitted an abstract for the meeting.


The ENCALS Young Investigators Award was designed to recognise the brightest and best young scientists in ALS, and is given for outstanding research. Criteria include any or all of novelty, challenge to existing ideas about ALS, results with patient benefit, and impact on our understanding of ALS.

The awardee will be asked to give a presentation of their work at the ENCALS meeting in Oxford, England.

Application procedure

Application for the award is closed. At this moment, submissions are being reviewed by the ENCALS Award Committee. All applicants will be informed about the status of their application as soon as possible.

Award Committee

Entries will be judged by a panel on the basis of impact on the field of ALS. The award committee consists of:

  • Ammar Al-Chalabi, Chair (England)
  • Markus Weber (Switzerland)
  • Mamede de Carvalho (Portugal)
  • Sharon Abrahams (Scotland)
  • Susanne Petri (Germany)
  • Ludo van den Bosch (Belgium)
  • Luc Dupuis (France)
  • Magdalena Kuzma (Poland)