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The ENCALS satellite meeting 2014 was held on the 4th of december, prior to the 25th International Symposium on ALS/MND in Brussels. The satellite meeting was attended by almost a hundred researchers. The focus of the meeting was on collaborative projects. Amongst others, the projects SOPHIA, STRENGTH and Project Mine were discussed, including the minimal clinical dataset and harmonization of data collection procedures. Also, updates were provided on the ALS online genetics database, the ECAS and the development of new serum biomarkers.

Report ENCALS satellite meeting

Read the report of this meeting on the ALS/MND research and care community blog.

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Secret of tetanus toxicity o...

The way that tetanus neurotoxin enters nerve cells has been discovered by UCL scientists, who showed that this process can be blocked, offering a potential therapeutic intervention for tetanus. This newly-discovered pathway could be exploited to deliver therapies to the nervous system. 

TUBA4A - New inherited MND-c...

An international team of ENCALS researchers, led by researchers based at King’s College London, have identified mistakes in the TUBA4A gene as a new cause of the rare inherited form of MND.